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Blonde sisters get a ferocious caning punishment Klaus is a stern taskmaster, who will see to it that strung-up Brittany and Bedeia obey his every command Spanking Gamewarden catches two sexy poachers and takes the punishment out on their flesh Firm Hand Spanking
  Daughter stripped naked & caned by strict father Landlord viciously canes thieving tenant Steffi endures brutality of an obscene nature at the hands of her captor Mistress Gemini paddles and canes a firm and plump young ass Red Stripe Films
Red Stripe Films Novac Sisters get bruised and swollen after a terrifying caning She is strapped down in a terrible and vulnerable position, then whipped till she cries out in awful pain Punished Brats The headmistrees has two bad seeds to spank and paddle
Red Stripe Films Red Stripe Films Firm Hand Spanking Jessica is an exchange student from South America.  She had within her, that typical Latin heat, a need to sexually express and explore herself.  This A woman is on the receiving end of a blistering from a wickedly wielded cat o nine tails
Strict headmistress takes the cane to these two bitches How much more of this can roughed-up and raw Angie take? The terrible cries this young woman emits as the strap bites into her raw back time and again are vivid proof of the pain she`s in Red Stripe Films Sara has failed to clean her room and is dragged to the couch to receive her OTK spanking.  Sara kicks and screams as the headmaster throws her over h
Sylvia is called into the headmasters office and receives a thorough caning for cutting class. The headmaster bends her over, ties her up and sprays h Amber leans over the couch and receives a belting for keeping the TV on Schoolgirl CC gets disciplined by Mistress Gemini Cheerleader spanked to tears on her bare buttocks with wooden paddle Spanking Movies
Spanking Video Teenage schoolgirl caned in a touch your toes position Spanking Videos Spanking Caned, whipped, and made to count out the strokes that blister her, Sandra ice is left with a welter of welts and a body that blazes crimson in pain
Spanking Video Hairbrush on the bare bottom She resists and screams bloody murder as he spanks her brutally and savagely Amber lies on the couch as her daddy paddles her sexy ass
Spanking Videos Nikki is at it again, this time with a problem in gym leading to her latest punishment.  The headmaster picked up a wooden staff, knowing the full eff The School Cane Lea had left the school several weeks ago, in essence running away.  She was found by the headmaster, on the side of the street, selling her body to t Michelle forgot to rake the hay and is called into the barn to receive her whipping.  The headmistress orders Michelle to remove her shirt, ties her t
Charlie has disobeyed her teacher yet again and is called into the headmasters office to be disciplined.  The headmaster pulls her across his lap, lif Kitty was to play a prisoner in the school play, but when she picked up an affinity for actually stealing, thats when the instruction had to take plac Red Stripe Films Watch this girl`s facial expressions and body language--one of the best at conveying the unspeakable horrors of fierce flagellation! Hannah has been caught drinking and is called into the headmistress office to receive her punishment.  The headmistress bends her over, ties her to th
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